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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Easy Tips to Get a Beautiful stomach

Confidence not wear clothing fitted model (body-fit), because fat accumulates in the abdomen and waist? Overcome with easy and cheap way of getting a beautiful stomach. The cause of belly bulge is fat that accumulates in the cavity stomach. This is due to excess energy intake that cumulatively stockpiled as energy reserves in the form of body fat. calories that enter the body is not excessive, and do not make your stomach bulge, I will give you tips easy to get beautiful stomach fat-free:1. Chew food slowly. Eating habits quickly, it can make the body more fat. New satiety was setelh 25-20 minutes after the initial cud, occurring after gastric processed food in the stomach. After working the stomach begins to decline, began to feel satiety. Because of this, try chewing food longer. That way, mouthful by mouthful is not too fast to stop your mouth.2. Reduce Portion Rice. It seems that one serving of rice on the plate is not always enough for you. To overcome this habit, start reducing the portion of rice on the dinner table. Conversely, portions of vegetables propagated. So, if you're still hungry, but the rice was gone, his choice to live 2: stop eating or eat vegetable. Win-win, right?3. Walk 30 Minutes. If you want potbelly 'deflate', do not get bored exercising. But, why the fat in the abdomen are not quick 'shrink', though it was a routine exercise? Since most fat accumulates in the abdomen, then the capacity to burn fat even greater. Automatic, lean back in order, requiring a longer time. So it was natural dong, when your arm look smaller than the stomach first. This type of exercise that effectively streamline the stomach is walking or jogging. Do 30 minutes a day, as much as 2-3 times.4. Do not Jump Sleep After Eating. Try not directly tisur after eating. Because, during sleep, the body becomes very relaxed, so that bowel movements are very slow. Since there is no wasted calories, so fat that can be entered directly accumulate in the body. As a result, obesity occurs. In order to smooth the digestive process, so there should be a lag between the time after eating and sleeping. At least at least 30 minutes. Perform other activities, such as washing dishes or watching television.5. Eat Salad. Cut carrots, celery, zucchini or other vegetables for a salad dikudap. This step can make you spend more effort to chew pieces of all kinds of large-sized vegetables. So you will be more to chew, and eat less when eating the main manu.6. Drinking Green Tea before the activity. Caffeine contained in tea liberate fatty acids, so it can help you burn fat more easily. Polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) found in green tea can work effectively with caffeine that burns calories.7. Replace Butter with Olive Oil. This step is more healthy and can help you eat less. Recent research proves that by adding munyak zaitu in food eaten, can reduce at least 52 calories, than those who use butter.

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