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Monday, 6 February 2012

Nest Herbs Can Prevent Cancer and Lung Tumors

For most people, a quick way to treat lung cancer is to perform surgery to remove tumor tissue and lymph nodes around it or with radiation therapy for patients who do not want to do surgery.
Radiation is done to minimize the cancer cells in normal and radiation tubuh.Kemoterapian done if surgery does not have a great effect to cure lung cancer.
But in addition there are also some people who do alternative treatments using herbs. One plant that many people are looking for ANTS NESTS (Mymicodea pendans). Salh anthill is a traditional crop that comes from Papua and has been widely used by the natives of Papua from generation to generation.
According to dr. M. Ahkan Subroto, principal investigator of the central expert Biotechnology LIPI, that ant nest contains important active compounds such as flavonoids, Tannins, Polifenal, and rich in various minerals that are useful for antioxidant and anti-cancer, so that these herbs can be used as a cure for cancer and tumors.
While according to Prof. Dr. Ellin Yulinah Sukandar, professor of pharmacy ITB, that ant nest contains Tokeferol that functions as an antioxidant and anti cancer which can counteract free radical attack by antidegeneratif.

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