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Monday, 6 February 2012

Tips to Overcome Body Odor

According to Wikipedia, or bromhidrosis Body odor is the smell of bacteria / germs in the body. The bacteria are rapidly increasing in number due to the presence of sweat, so penhuraian become excessive sweating and skin cells off. But sweat itself is odorless.
After learning pnyebabnya, now let's make traditional medicine to treat body odor:


  • Flower Boxwood 15 grams.
  • Sugar Stone Moderation.
  • Water 600 cc.
Boil all ingredients are in 600 cc of water, until the remaining 300 cc. Once cool, strain and drink the potion of water 3x a day.

Additional tips:
  • Eat at least a handful of basil leaves per day.
  • Apply cucumber slices after every shower in the armpits and other body parts that smell.
  • Always maintain a healthy body, it is recommended for more frequent bathing and wiping the sweat of the body that often.
  • We recommend that underarm hair is cleaned / shaved to avoid moisture and odor trigger.
  • Replace sweaty clothing with dry clothing and clean.
  • Increase consumption of fibrous foods and low in calories such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce the spicy foods, fatty foods and coffee (containing caffeine).
  • Wear deodorant shaped spray.

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